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New Flask Based SuperDARN VT Website
Welcome to the new python based SuperDARN VT website. This website generates plots using a modified version of PyDARN, a python based SuperDARN data plotting package. More pages and tools will be added to the site as time goes on.
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Welcome to SuperDARN VT!
Welcome to SuperDARN! SuperDARN stands for Super Dual Auroral Radar Network. The network consists of more than 30 low-power HF radars that look into Earth's upper atmosphere beginning at mid-latitudes and extending into the polar regions. The radars operate continuously and observe the motion of charged particles (plasma) in the ionosphere and other effects that provide scientists with information on Earth's space environment. The knowledge gained from this work provides insight into space weather hazards including radiation exposure for high-altitude travelers and disruptions to communication networks, navigation systems (GPS), and electrical power grids.

The SuperDARN Research Group at Virginia Tech (VT) collaborates with an international community of scientists and engineers to operate radars and share data. The VT Group operates five radars. For a summary of the radars and their affiliations, visit the Radar Pages section.
U.S. SuperDARN Collaboration
The U.S. component of SuperDARN is funded by the National Science Foundation under the Space Weather Research (SWR) Program as a collaboration between Virginia Tech (lead institution), Dartmouth College, Penn State University, and the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (JHU/APL). Click logos for access to the web sites of the U.S. partners.
International SuperDARN Collaborators
In addition to the U.S. partners, the SuperDARN collaboration counts many international partner institutions that share an interest in studies of the ionosphere and the relationship between the ionosphere and space weather. Click the logo below for access to the University of Saskatchewan SuperDARN site that features a real-time data display based on links to radars in North America.